Warming Up: Don't Get Injured Trying to Get Fit!

16 August 2016
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There are times when your workout doesn't feel right throughout the whole session. As much as it may be a mental thing or fatigue from other activities, inadequate preparation for the workout could also affect how well you carry it out. A warm-up is an important aspect that gets your body in perfect shape for the exercise that you want to do. It also helps you avoid injuries by preparing your muscles for the blitzing and shock, especially when you are dealing with heavy weights. The following discussion will help you get your warm-up session right before you hit the real workout:


Take some water or milk a few minutes before you start your workout. The essence is to stay off dehydration, which can adversely zap your strength, endurance and power when you are working out. Some sports drinks can also be used for this purpose, but they are best suited at the end of the workout session when you are cooling off and in need of recovery.

Jump-Start Your Heart

With an intense workout coming up, you need to increase the blood supply to most of your muscles. You should get your heart pumping faster so that there is a rich supply of oxygenated blood to all your body parts. This is important to avoid muscle cramps that can adversely interfere with the session. Jump-starting your heart also prepares your nervous system to avoid muscle injuries. Some of the things you can do to jump-start your heart include taking a long jog or riding a bike on low resistance. 

Walk Through Your Routine

After working on your heart rate, it's time to prepare your body for the specific workout that you had planned. It warms your muscles even further and prepares the joints to deal with additional weight and force imposed on them during the session. This involves moving through exercise at a lower intensity. For instance, if you had planned to do some leg squats, begin with a few sets and repetitions using your body weight. Hold an empty bar over your head and squat slowly through the repetitions. It readies the body for action and teaches muscle memory, enabling you to achieve the perfect technique when you move on to heavier weight and greater intensity.

Workouts should be fun and fulfilling. With thorough warm-ups, you will nail them all the time and live up to your fitness objectives. Most importantly, you won't get injured trying to get fit! For more tips, contact a company that offers mobile personal training.