3 Mistakes to Avoid During Knee Injury Rehabilitation

13 January 2021
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The knees are one of the strongest joints in the human body; however, most people do not take good care of them. It might explain why the knee is the most injured joint, and rehabilitation and healing take a long time. However, with the right approach, knee injuries heal fast, and you can resume normal activities within no time. Nonetheless, patients should avoid certain mistakes during recovery to heal appropriately. This article highlights the most common knee rehabilitation mistakes to avoid for a speedy recovery.

Resting too Much

When recovering from a knee injury, it might seem like a good idea to rest as much as possible, especially if you can still feel some pain. However, too much rest is counterproductive because it weakens your muscles. You need strong muscles above and below the knee region to assist with controlled movement. If your muscles weaken and you begin exercising, the chances are high that your knee ligaments will give way. Therefore, limit your rest to the duration prescribed by your physiotherapist. The good news is that a physiotherapist can develop an exercise program that allows you to work out through the pain. 

Overlooking Your Weight

When you injure the knees, you might not exercise at all during the first few weeks. Thus, you should closely watch your weight during the recovery time since you risk injuring your knee again by gaining weight. The excess weight puts undue stress on an already weakened knee, which is the last thing you want when you begin rehabilitation exercises. Therefore, you must understand that watching your diet is a critical part of knee injury rehabilitation. Apart from working with a physiotherapist, you can also hire a nutritionist, especially one for active athletes. A nutritionist will help you make a healthy meal plan, speeding up your recovery and keeping your weight down. Besides, watching your weight is essential for overall health.

Avoiding Cushioned Insoles

It is common for people to put on their regular running shoes once the knees begin to feel better. However, you must avoid standard shoes if you have not healed completely. The reason is that the will shoes lack adequate cushioning, and the impact can exacerbate a knee injury. Even if you do not feel any pain while walking, you should use cushioned insoles during your runs. They reduce impact stress on your knees, allowing you to run without exacerbating the injury.

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