3 Tips for Removing Knee Pain for New Cyclists

13 September 2016
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Cycling is an excellent sport for people of all ages and fitness levels. It offers you the opportunity to get fit while minimising the impact on your joints. If you've recently started cycling and you're suffering from knee pain after every ride, read on. Your knee pain could be the result of a problem that you need to identify and treat, but it may also be due to incorrect preparation and movement when riding. Read More 

The Bicycle Crunch: Tips To Help You Do Perfect Bicycle Crunches And Avoid Common Injuries

19 August 2016
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The bicycle crunch is a good exercise for the abs, but it can lead to severe injuries if done the wrong way. Before including bicycle crunches in your workout schedule, make sure you learn the right way to do the exercise. Below are some essential bicycle crunch tips to help you do a perfect crunch and avoid common bicycle crunch injuries. Slow Down the Tempo Bicycle crunches are best done at a slow tempo. Read More 

Warming Up: Don’t Get Injured Trying to Get Fit!

16 August 2016
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There are times when your workout doesn't feel right throughout the whole session. As much as it may be a mental thing or fatigue from other activities, inadequate preparation for the workout could also affect how well you carry it out. A warm-up is an important aspect that gets your body in perfect shape for the exercise that you want to do. It also helps you avoid injuries by preparing your muscles for the blitzing and shock, especially when you are dealing with heavy weights. Read More